With qualifications and ideas, our recreation therapists extend services that stimulate interests, preclude passivity, enhance self-esteem, and provide for a feeling of autonomy. At the same time, activities encourage individual growth and provide positive feelings of achievement, belonging, and recognition. Our Recreation Department strives to engage residents in activities that are mentally and physically stimulating and that are consistent with the overall plan of care for each resident.

At The Bradley Home, we also encourage all of our staff members to participate in recreation programming, so as to continuously provide a truly engaging, social, and comforting atmosphere. Holidays and special occasions are often celebrated with “theme days” where our residents and staff are invited to dress up and attend social in-house gatherings, such as a “Baseball Day” luncheon or “Hawaii Day” live entertainment.

Our recreation therapists continually attend in-service trainings and seminars to keep up with their credentials and to learn new and exciting information, methods, and activities to bring back to The Bradley Home. Furthermore, our Recreation Department approaches each activity with energy, enthusiasm, and compassion to help residents enjoy programs and feel at home.

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