What We Offer...

The Bradley Home's Recreation Department runs a host of daily activities to keep our residents active and engaged, so as to promote social, physical, and spiritual wellness. Residents are provided with a monthly calendar of events listing the time and location of each activity, as well as a newsletter to keep everyone informed of what is happening around the home. You can view the monthly calendar here.

Some of our activities include:

  • Movement to Music – An exercise class that focuses on endurance and strength, working the upper body, lower body, and core through a series of seated, standing, and weighted movements.
  • Positive Moves – An exercise class focusing on functional movements in a seated position.
  • Tai Chi – A gentle, graceful exercise class that works through a series of postures and breathing and is designed to maintain focus while reducing stress.

Weaving – Our bright weaving room features numerous looms for resident use. Our weaving instructor oversees the creation of scarves, table runners, and other weaving items. Our resident weavers are known for their skill and precision and have earned a large variety of prizes in local fairs.

 Bingo – A staple to our Recreation Program, Bingo is held at least twice a month, and gives residents the chance to win small prizes.

  • Po-Ke-No – A game, similar to Bingo, in which participants are each given a board with playing cards pictured. A dealer draws playing cards from a deck, and participants look for a picture of the matching card on their board, in hopes of matching give pictures in a row.
  • Ceramics – Our ceramics instructor comes twice a week and oversees the painting/finishing of various ceramic crafts.
  • Nimble Fingers – Nimble Fingers is a group that meets once a week to work on various knitting and crochet products while socializing and enjoying cookies and tea.
  • Art class – A class that meets once a week and is overseen by an instructor. Recent work has included beautiful paintings, pastel drawings, chalk drawings, and mixed media artwork.
  • Table bowling – Another staple to the Recreation program, table bowling takes place once a week. Residents are invited to partake in the game, or act as cheerleaders to other participants.
  • Wii Bowling – The Wii provides residents with a great way to stay active and enjoy a classic game without having to lift a heavy ball
  • Live entertainment – The Bradley Home hosts live entertainment at least twice a month or for major holidays. Entertainment includes piano players, singers, comedian performers, hula dancers, and multimedia presentations, among others.
  • News & discussion groups – This activity gives residents a chance to hear and discuss current events while enjoying refreshments.
  • Word games – Various word and trivia games are hosted throughout the month to encourage mental and social engagement. Favorites include Guggenheim Frame, 200 Words, and ABCs of Ailments.
  • Shopping Trips – Residents are welcome to sign up for monthly shopping trips to local stores, such as Target, Walmart, and Dollar Tree. Trips are taken on The Bradley Home’s passenger van.
  • Movie showings – Movies are played throughout the month for residents to enjoy together while sharing fresh-made popcorn.

Holiday & special occasion celebrations – Celebrations are planned for major holidays, and may include live entertainment, a special meal, or a festive gathering. Theme days are also planned throughout the year, such as Baseball Day and Hawaiian Day, which garner resident and staff involvement. 

Spiritual masses and Rosary for a variety of denominations – Masses and services are held in our two lounges and are led by local religious leaders. Rosary is held twice a week.

  • Creative Cooks cooking club – This club meets every other month and creates delicious meals and desserts!
  • Happy Hour with musical entertainment – Happy Hour is held once a month and features talented piano players. Food and beverages are served.
  • Volunteer Program – The volunteer program is open to all residents who are seeking further involvement in The Bradley Home community. Residents partake in activities such as watering the plans, organizing the library, filling and distributing water pitchers, and distributing mail.




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