An Option for Every Appetite

Variety and choice are key elements of the menu at The Bradley Home.

Join our daily culinary celebration in our beautiful dining room, which is newly renovated!

Our Department of Food Services is run like a restaurant, which means we aim to provide the best quality and service for every meal. All meals are served on china tableware, accompanied by linen napkins, in order to provide an upscale dining experience.

Residents may choose to attend a full sit-down breakfast in the morning, or a continental breakfast at their convenience.

Dinner and supper meals are prepared fresh by our department daily, and residents may choose between two delicious entrees or a full a la carte menu. We also offer a variety of soups and desserts to accompany meals. Additionally, a glass of wine or soda is served with supper every Sunday and on holidays.

Our menus are updated seasonally to ensure we are using the highest-quality ingredients and that each meal will appeal to the residents’ tastes. Some of our residents' favorite meals include chicken cordon bleu, fresh salmon, home-style chicken pot pie, roast lamb, coconut fried shrimp, and sweet & sour pork.

Nutritious and Delicious

We consider resident feedback when updating our menus and when preparing each meal. We do our best to ensure that all foods are healthy, nutritious, and of course, tasteful. Menu meetings are held throughout the year to allow residents to give feedback and vote on changes they would like to see on the menu. The Bradley Home employs a dietitian to answer any questions as well as to oversee the menu and ensure we can cater to all dietary needs, such as special diets and allergies.

We encourage friends and families to join residents for a meal, which can be arranged by making a reservation at the front desk. Additionally, we can provide catering services for private parties.


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