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Dear Friend of The Bradley Home,

He was only 18 years of age when he was drafted to the battlefields of World War II. Michael was young, eager and brave and not afraid to defend his country and his flag. After two tours of duty he was more than eager to return to Meriden and pick up where he had left off.

Michael and his fellow veterans returned to Meriden and began to work in the factories of post-WWII. It wasn’t too long after returning home from the war that Michael reconnected with a former classmate of his who had been working at International Silver since high school graduation. She was beautiful, and declared him to be her true love.

One thing led to another – fast-forward twenty years and Michael’s co-worker is now his wife; they are in their forties with a young family. Michael's mother and father are starting to wonder about being able to live on their own. They are finding their home a burden – but there is just no possible way that they can move in with Michael and his wife and the three grandchildren.

It’s 1965, the Meriden newspaper has published a story about the opening of what at that time was referred to as the new “Infirmary,” now known as the Pavilion of The Bradley Home. Michael’s mother and father went to The Bradley Home for a tour and decided to apply to become residents. After a few months of settling in, they found that The Bradley Home was the perfect choice. Michael was relieved to see both his parents doing well, and the family enjoyed visiting Bradley Home.

By 2005, Michael and his bride are devoted parents, grandparents, and have a brand new great-grandchild to celebrate. Her name is Emma.

The birth of Emma made Michael think about the future. Now in his 80s, he knows he should start thinking about a secure retirement for himself and his bride. A place where he can relax, knowing that they will be well cared for. A place that feels like home. It takes a few months and some settling in, but by the fall of 2007 they are home.

As a friend and supporter of The Bradley Home, you know what Michael and his family are experiencing. Perhaps your parent was here and you remember the first family gathering after the move. Seeing dad or mom looking well, comfortable and rested was the most affirming part of it all.

This year, we are once again looking to our friends and supporters to help us keep the quality in our residents’ lives. As always, there are just a few more wishes waiting to be fulfilled and we are again looking for your support.

Our list of items with their project costs has both “giving” and “in-kind” gift opportunities. A cash gift of any amount is, of course, welcome and helpful. Checks may be made to the Clarence P. Bradley Society, whose sole purpose is the support of The Bradley Home’s residents.

With our sincere appreciation for your interest and generosity, now and always.

Molly H. Savard, CNHA,
Executive Director
Edward Haberli
Board of Directors
Earl Kumm
Resident Council


Download our Annual Appeal donation form »

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